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“If you produce one book, you will have done something wonderful in your life”
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Do you, like many of us, think you have a book to write? You are certainly not alone. Ask some of your friends and colleagues, “Do you have a story to tell and a book that you’d like to write someday?” What you will probably hear is, “Yes, I do! Let me tell you about my story.” Or they might say, “Let me tell you about my company and what we do! I want to create a book to use as a marketing tool.” Many people believe that their personal and/or professional story would make a great book. A more self-effacing man or woman may say, “Oh, my life is boring. Nobody would be interested in reading about me.” And yet, in some cases, those people have the most compelling stories of all!

Many people with the ambition to publish a book simply say, “I will write it…someday. Right now I’m too busy making a living. I’m raising a family. I'm too tired at the end of the day and there’s no time to fit in writing.” They might also rationalize, “Well, it’s too hard to get published anyway.” A few honest souls will own up to the primary reason they can’t commit to doing their books: They just don’t know how write, publish, and promote a book. They also realize they don’t have the necessary writing skills. Many people are not aware of the resources we have available to help them realize their ambitions whether on the personal or corporate level.

For writer Judy Katz with her many years of experience, the desire that many people have to tell their stories, and the paradoxical inertia of many of those would-be authors to get started, presented a unique and irresistible opportunity to create a powerful end to end questionnaire for would-be authors. Judy works with her authors as well as her skilled team to ensure that her authors' final books are well written and beautifully designed inside and out. Her company also offers full public relations, marketing, promotion, and social media campaigns. All of her authors’ books are made available on Amazon and related websites, and retail outlets, including many bookstores, libraries and wholesalers.

For those aspiring authors who wish to submit their books to commercial publishing houses, Judy and her team provide the experience and know how to help them find the right agent for the book. She can also write the kinds of book proposals that attract the most prestigious trade publishers. Judy’s longtime collaborator, Greg Lawrence, is a bestselling author who has published with a number of the “Big Six” publishers, including Doubleday, Simon & Schuster and St. Martin’s Press.

Ghostbooksters is a one-stop professional book writing, publishing and marketing service to make your authorship and/or branding dreams come true.